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Everybody Want Some

March 26, 1980, the rock band Van Halen put out a song titled "Everybody wants some," on their Women and Children first Album. I won't try to suggest that they were talking about everybody wanting peace, cause we all know what they were talking about and it damn sure wasn't peace. It was the 80s, and rock n roll was wild. I feel like the title fits the point I'm attempting to make in this article, if you twist it to mean something different of course, because everybody does want peace, we all want to be in a state of mind that feels like a continuous walk on the beach or a resting spot on a mountain top overlooking a wide green path of land with multiple colors of flowers and maybe a couple of harmless animals walking around.

In his song Manic Depression, Jimi Hendrix said, "I know what I want but I just don't know, how to go about getting it. Even if you don't like or even know who Hendrix is, don't those lyrics perfectly describe what most of us feel, we know perfectly in our minds what we want for our lives and how we want to live our lives, but making it happen just seems impossible.

My Blog is not about finding happiness because happiness comes and goes, in and out of your life like waves flowing in and flowing out across the sands of the beach. The Bible doesn't talk about being happy, it suggest you should concentrate on being content. The constitution of the United States gives you the right to pursue happiness, it does not guarantee you will find it or assert that finding it is a right. Personally, I found the word content to be hard to swallow; how can you be content if you want things for your life but you can't seem to get them; if you have visions of your life in a certain space, but the road there seems permanently blocked. I gave up on finding contentment and I replaced the word content with peace and it made all the difference. Please don't think I'm changing the bible, because the word content was translated through four different languages so it's very possible the original meaning could not be one hundred percent translated. Pease works well for me so that's what I'm going with and I'll explain why.

With the word content there is a degree of acceptance of your position and status in this life, but the word peace only requires me to be mentally at rest even if I hate the state that I am in. How can I have dreams that are not coming true and be content with my life, I don't see it, but, I can continuously fight to make my dreams come true and live in peace even knowing things may never workout.

You're probably hearing some amount of acceptance in peace as well right? Well you shouldn't, because I don't have to accept anything to be at peace, but what I absolutely must acknowledge is, life happens and ultimately we do not have complete control over anything. That recognition of lack of control will allow you to function in a state of peace even when your life feels like crap. That feeling like you could have changed the out come, that's it's your fault you haven't achieved success or it's your fault a particular thing has taking place in your life or the life of a loved one, that feeling is what brings you pain, maybe more so than the actual inability to achieve success or the discomfort of your current state. For example, a disease hits our bodies and what do we do, we think about the things we might have done to cause this to happen to us, where what we should do is acknowledge life sucks, stuff happens and right now stuff is happening to me. I didn't say it was easy but, I do believe it's the only way to find peace.

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